Jack Conley

Head Gamma "Red Fang"


In his very late 30’s, almost 40
Former Military
Has PTSD and lives off of disability
Smokes and Drinks, when having a really REALLY bad day will do pot as well
The most aggressive out of the pack, Ben was reluctant to bring him in. But his strength proved to be a good asset to the growing pack. He will listen to his Alpha 100%, but is definitely believing that force will get him the spot of Beta. As much as he likes Blake and the two are very close, he feels a need to remind him that he is the bigger dog.
Hard and cold, but loyal in the end.
Jack was bitten, but his story of how and when he was bitten seems to constantly change. The one consistent is that the wolf bit him, but Jack was the only one who walked away.

  • he got injured while on duty, they sent him home, he was in a bad place cause the military was going to be his life. His squad mate didn’t want to see him hurting like that so he attacked him in an alley. Jack freaked and broke the wolf’s neck after he bite him. the wolf turned back into his friend… Jack has not lived that part down which is part of the PTSD, but he doesn’t talk about it

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Jack Conley

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