Evvie Truman

"Scarlet Claw"


Evvie was born into a small pack, that had allied itself with three other small packs. Both of her parent’s were bitten and never moved up the ranks beyond gammas but they were well respected and steady gammas. On the other hand Evvie blazed her way up to Beta in just a few years after she had full pack status. Her alpha had never been much of a fighter he was a better negotiator who kept the pack close to stronger packs for their safety. Evvie earned the name Scarlet Claw due to constant state of her claws being stained with the blood but those who challenged her pack. When the hunters came looking for the man-eaters hidden in the other packs and her own, her alpha gave up the man-eaters to save his own skin. The pack disbanded due to the disloyalty and Evvie ended up in Gregory’s pack. Not interested in someone else’s war she followed Ben when he left, right now she doesn’t mind living at his estate but cabin fever will set in soon.


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Evvie Truman

Cherry Hill, England Demonicrose