Candra Aysel

The American


((When the game starts Candra is going to start Human… she is going to be bitten at the start of the game))

Candra come from New Mexico. She came to Europe to back pack before going to college with her boyfriend. While in France though he left her to run away with a local. Alone and only with $100 she decided that she was going to travel a bit more to figure out what she wanted to do in life. Her feet found her in England wandering through the forest to camp. It was the last night of a full moon, and she didn’t realize the danger she was in…

Candra is a bit of a different sort. A little harder edge, a little goth, she was really trying to find her way by going to Europe. She likes independent music and plays the guitar.


Wolf cropped and smaller

Wolf pack symbol

Candra Aysel

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