Bliss Faolan

Female Zeta "Fire Paw"

  • Opportunist – Begged Ben to take her when he broke away from the other pack. She was the only original female of the Windstorm Pack and knew it. She has been fighting to try to move up in position by becoming mates with any of the other three members, but all are wise to her plan and so far have not wanted to join her in this idea.
  • Catty but smart
  • Was bitten. Her bite mark is on the back of her thigh, small and easy to hide. The Alpha from the previous pack hunted her down and bit her for the intention of making her one of his harem.
  • Works as a “Sex Phone Operator” from home, as Ben does not wish anyone to work outside the house
  • Will to do what ever it takes to get to a better rank
  • Standard Grey Wolf
  • Firesheets is the joke pack name among the gammas

Bliss smaller

Wolf pack symbol

Bliss Faolan

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